Join the movement to accelerate clean energy transition and sustainable practices in our world with EnergyNext.

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About Startupbootcamp

Accelerating Clean Energy Transition & Sustainability

Our EnergyNext accelerator program looks toward a better tomorrow that brings innovation and passion. This opportunity strives to make an active change by reimagining and advancing clean energy transition and sustainability through an innovative startup engagement process.

If you lead an energy startup that challenges the status quo, shows passion about your innovation/technology, looks to scale, needing to raise capital/partner with corporates to build, and test and validate your hypothesis, then this program is for you.

The broad themes of the program are:

  • Energy Efficiency & Management
  • Customer Experience & Engagement
  • Data & Analytics
  • Customer Operations Improvements
  • Renewables & Alternative Fuels
  • Electrification of Transport
  • Electrification of Premises
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainability

Through our program, we will connect you with mentors, industry leaders, and investors to help see your ideas change the world. We will build your capability to pitch yourself and your business to the market well beyond the program.

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Victorian Clean Technology Fund
KHQ Lawyers
Pitcher Partners
Amazon Web Services

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