Hydroverse proves enterprise customers with real-time digital tracing, verification and certification of hydrogen and its supply chain.

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Sunshine Coast, Australia
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Luciano Giangiordano

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About Hydroverse

The problem we're solving:

Current production of hydrogen is 99.9% made from fossil fuels and the desire to transition to an accountable, verifiable green hydrogen supply chain is being undermined in certain sectors by nefarious activity and "green-washing" from some legacy actors.

Our solution:

By utilising graph-based enterprise resource management tools on DLTs, "Hydroverse" is capable of tracking, validating and verifying the generation, storage, transport and consumption of green hydrogen and its inputs, thereby certifying and quantifying sources of carbon emissions and allowing a traceable, transition pathway for current fossil fuel companies to modify their methodologies, practices and supply chains.

Our differentiator:

Hydroeverse allows for the upgrading of enterprise resource management, joint venture and business process mapping tools into a graph-based schema and allows the data to be saved on distributed blockchain ledgers thus guaranteeing information integrity.

Our biggest achievement:

They are Founding members of the Smart Energy Council Hydrogen Division. We have expressions of interest from solar farm developer ""Enertech PV Australia"" and engineering firm ""Entura"" to trial the technology in several pilot projects across various solar farm and renewable energy projects.