Volta is a mobile app that helps residential users save energy and money by providing insights, recommendations, and access to rebates and grants.

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Geelong, Australia
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Oscar (Oz) Omegna

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The problem we're solving:

The problem we are solving is the lack of awareness, guidance, and accessibility to energy-saving solutions for residential users. Many homeowners are unaware of the potential energy savings and available incentives, and they often face barriers in navigating complex information and processes.

Our solution:

Volta aims to simplify and streamline energy efficiency by providing a user-friendly platform that empowers individuals to make informed decisions and take action to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact.

Our differentiator:

Our solution, Volta, stands out from existing solutions in several ways. Firstly, we offer a comprehensive and user-centric platform that combines energy monitoring, optimisation, and access to rebates and grants, all in one place. This holistic approach streamlines the energy-saving journey for users, making it more convenient and effective. Additionally, Volta leverages advanced technologies like machine learning and data analytics to provide personalised insights and recommendations tailored to each user's specific needs and goals. We go beyond simple energy tracking by offering actionable strategies and guidance to help users achieve significant energy savings. Furthermore, Volta takes a customer-centric approach, prioritising user experience, ease of use, and ongoing support to ensure that individuals feel empowered and motivated throughout their energy-saving journey.

Our biggest achievement:

Our solution, Volta, is making a significant impact in the energy-saving space. Since releasing our minimum viable product (MVP) just four weeks ago, we have already onboarded 203 homes onto our platform, and we have a waiting list of 1350 eager users. We are proud to have completed the LaunchVIC program and secured the DEECA Emerging Tech grant, which has provided valuable support and recognition for our work. Additionally, our participation in the Startmate LaunchClub has allowed us to further refine our offering and connect with industry experts. Looking ahead, we have four pilot programs scheduled for this year, demonstrating the strong interest and demand for our solution. Moreover, we are thrilled to have signed our first paying corporate client, signaling the trust and confidence in our platform's capabilities. With these accomplishments, Volta is well-positioned to continue driving positive change in the energy efficiency landscape.