Enosi's Powertracer 24/7 is the world’s first grid-scalable, clean energy traceability solution, leveraging smart meter electricity data.

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About Enosi

The problem we're solving:

Consumers and businesses want to be able to sustainably source their energy. Existing renewable energy certificate systems are flawed in that they do not match energy usage at the time of production, and may even be de-coupled completely from the energy procurement. This has lead to accountability problems and accusations of 'green washing'. Moreover, current systems create no incentive for procurement of renewable energy around the clock, leaving a significant part of energy consumption supplied with fossil fuels despite claims of 100% RE by some.

Most organisations understand that ultimately we need 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy but at same time cannot commit to something without knowing the costs and implications for their business. They require easier carbon reporting and simple corporate action plans. They would, no doubt, also like a simple solution to scope 3 emissions, perhaps supporting renewable energy supply for so many employees working from home.

Our solution:

Enosi's Powertracer software leverages smart meter electricity data to unlock the value of clean energy using Source, Time and Price. With Powertracer installed, their customers (energy retail suppliers) can identify the source of energy sold to their end-users (businesses and individuals) without the need for a separate certificate, and can apply differentiated pricing to each matched source. This enables new compelling retail energy products such as split tariff products (renewable at price a + firming at price b) for any customer right down to residential level. Since renewable energy is typically available at lower cost than firming, end-users see a product where they can save money and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time.

Our differentiator:

Powertracer is a SaaS product. It integrates with the metering and billing systems of licenced electricity retailers so that they can in turn sell supply contracts that are differentiated and priced according to the source of supply. Powertracer can also be deployed directly for corporate energy users to trace their energy supply to renewable generation where they have direct contractual agreements or PPAs.

The Enosi platform is unique in both technical architecture and business model.

  1. Powertracer works across an open grid, showing the provenance of the energy. No other platform enables even the smallest residential consumer to trade across an open grid while proving the provenance of the energy from wind and PV farm sources.
  2. Powertracer is not built on a blockchain. Our view is that blockchain solutions are entirely unnecessary in a highly regulated, licenced market where trusted data sources are 100% necessary (meter data) and trusted entities (licenced suppliers) are mandatory. Without the processing overheads of blockchain, Powertracer is simpler and uniquely scalable.

Our biggest achievement:

Powertracer is sold in a B2B2C model and Enosi is proud of its market traction and integration with energy retailers, who pay for the Powertracer service so that they can offer differentiated electricity products to end customers. Their top retailer partners, Simply Energy (owned by Engie), Momentum Energy, Senoko Energy (owned by Engie), Next Business Energy and Energy Locals are providing Powertracer solutions to corporations include Google, Canva, Hunter Douglas, The Port of Brisbane, Hobsons Bay City Council, Elk Fashion and others.