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#StartuptoScaleupStories: PowerTec Creates 100% Renewable Power Generation in Grids

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#StartuptoScaleupStories: PowerTec Creates 100% Renewable Power Generation in Grids

In 2014, PowerTec emerged with the goal to transform the landscape of renewable energy integration into power grids.

Founded by Michael Jansen, an innovator with 25 years of experience in multinational technology companies, the startup set out to be the first business to produce systems that enable 100% renewable power generation in grids.

How Does a PowerTec System Work?

PowerTec utilises industrial drive technology as battery inverters. It has been a game-changer for medium-scale applications with demanding electrical loads like EV-charging or agribusiness.

This innovation allows micro-grid power supply from renewables and batteries that rivals the reliability, resilience, and safety of traditional utility networks.

They also develop and use an edge-processing micro-grid control system, which leverages modern industrial PC hardware and web-integrated software. This system ensures the reliable operation of industrial microgrids, surpassing the flexibility and fault-tolerance of conventional utility SCADA systems.

Since their development in 2014, PowerTec has grown organically through the delivery and servicing of more than a dozen grid strength generating battery energy storage systems.

These systems are used for the more challenging types of industrial applications and most of them are the first of their kind in Australia.

Startup to Scale Up Milestones

The company's growth story is intricately tied to its project deliveries, check out how they’ve progressed:

Key Moments:

2017: AusNet Services Mooroolbark community Mini Grid Trial project, which won the Australian Clean Energy Industry Innovation Award, showcased the potential of BESS as a stabiliser for distributed energy.

2018: The Cape Jervis remote town Grid Battery Energy Storage and Network Control System, funded by ARENA, became the first grid-strength BESS for a town distribution network.

2020: Initiating the production of EV charger buffer systems and deploying pole-top-mounted BESSs for local community grid support were significant achievements.

2022-2023: The grid-integration of a Tri-Generator at a university campus and start of delivering off-grid industrial agribusiness microgrid systems demonstrate PowerTec's evolution toward multi-megawatt industrial microgrids.

Social and Environmental Impact

PowerTec isn’t solely focused on technology, they are inherently committed to making a difference in the environment. They are working to decarbonise electricity supply while also providing a viable solution for both large corporations and SMEs to participate in building a more sustainable energy future.

Looking ahead, PowerTec envisions substantial growth, targeting a market niche worth several hundred million Australian dollars in the next 3-7 years in Australia alone.

Their trajectory involves becoming the go-to power technology partner for specific high-growth industries, expanding through strategic partnerships, exploring neighbouring markets, and undertaking larger-scale projects.

PowerTec’s journey from startup to scaleup really hones in on innovation, responsibility, and a pursuit of a sustainable future. As they grow, they will continue to impact the power system landscape in Australia and beyond.

Learn more about PowerTec here.

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