Paradigm Power

Paradigm Power

Paradigm Power is the leading technology company in Excess-to-Data solutions using the excess of solar generation to power up a distributed datacenter.

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Melbourne, Australia
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Jose Posada

Founder & CEO

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Jonathan Vosloo


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    About Paradigm Power

    The problem we're solving:

    The fast adoption of residential solar systems in Australia, has lead to new regulations. The new regulations limit the amunt of energy that can be exported to the grid, impacting the repayment period of the solar investment and increasing the amount of solar energy waste.

    Our solution:

    Paradigm Power uses the excess of solar generation to power up a 100% carbon free distributed data center that offers cloud services to companies as an strategy to offset their emission scopes 1, 2 and 3.

    Our differentiator:

    Paradigm Power's solution offers a new and unique approach to the excess of residential solar generation by not requiring a change of behaviour in the energy usage of the household. In addition, Paradigm Power is the only company targeting the residential solar waste as an asset, making their solution a leading solution in the excess-to-data space.

    Our biggest achievement:

    Paradigm Power has sucessfuly developed and deploy their proof-of-concept unit. This PoC is operational, using excess of energy produced by a residential solar system to participate in a decentralized computing system and reporting real-time data to a monitoring dashboard.