Nature Electric

Nature Electric

Nature Electric is an AI-powered SaaS platform providing real-time renewable energy and scope 1&2 emissions tracking for C&I consumers

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Melbourne, Australia
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Abdus-Samad Olanrewaju, Ph.D

Co-Founder & Head of Technology and Product

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Murphy Yu


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Ose Oshodin


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About Nature Electric

The problem we're solving:

  1. Energy & GHG Transparency
  2. Energy Reliability
  3. Cost Volatility
  4. True Zero Simulation

Our solution:

Software as a Service that combines energy tracking and reporting with AI-powered simulations. Our solutions provide and help with:

  1. 24/7 Energy Tracking
  2. Scope 1 &2 Carbon Emission Measurement
  3. Transparency
  4. Stakeholder Trust
  5. Energy Cost Certainty
  6. Energy Reliability
  7. Realised Carbon Zero Pathway

Our differentiator:

Nature Electric's unique proposition is the combination of real-time renewable energy & scope 2 emissions tracking and AI-powered simulation of net-zero solutions. With the AI-powered real-time simulation, they support organisations in transitioning to true zero carbon energy, including identifying the best clean power mix and most suitable Power Purchase Agreement. Currently, this kind of service is mainly manually provided by consultants.

Our biggest achievement:

  1. Pilot studies: Conduct a survey for over 200 participants
  2. Industry Expert Engagement and Interviews: With over 50 industry subject matter experts
  3. Solution Development: Prototype Design (covering 24/7 Electricity Tracking; Electricity Auditing & Reporting; True-zero Simulation) & MVP Development (currently engaging with 3 industry partners)
  4. Participation on accelerator programs including EnergyInc and LauchVic