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#StartupToScaleUpStories: Putting an End to Energy Greenwashing with Hydroverse

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#StartupToScaleUpStories: Putting an End to Energy Greenwashing with Hydroverse

In 2022, Hydroverse joined the Startupbootcamp community as a startup in the EnergyNext 2022 Accelerator Program and embarked on a mission to address significant challenges in the "Guarantee of Origin" certification schemes worldwide.

These schemes, designed to certify renewable hydrogen, fuels, products, and supply chains, were plagued by the absence of standardised protocols.

With over 32 such schemes globally, the need for a unified and transparent system was evident. Hydroverse, whose now scaling in the EnergyTech Hub 2023 cohort, took up the challenge head-on and has since developed a groundbreaking Proof of Origin certification platform.

Startup to Scale Up Innovation

Unlike traditional businesses that solely focus on financial gains, Hydroverse takes a holistic approach. Their success is measured not only by profits but also by their impact on people and the planet.

Founded by Luciano Giangiordano, Hydroverse developed a Proof of Concept real-time digital certification platform that collects data and empirical evidence directly from renewable energy facilities.

They learned through their journey that they are committed to transparency, traceability, and the elimination of greenwashing through their 'Proof of Origin' certification.

Hydroverse has embraced innovation by utilising a revolutionary "triple bottom line" accounting method combined with a post-blockchain technology for securely storing the data.

They collect, aggregate, and encrypt real-time evidence and data then store it on their unique GEV-chain distributed ledger. This distributed ledger technology uses military grade encryption to secure immutable data, offering unique features not found in the current market.

Hydroverse Impact

The approach of Hydroverse has positively impacted both the social and environmental aspects of the industry.

They have done this by directly addressing the lack of transparency and integrity in the current certification process, ensuring that claims made around certified fuels and products are genuinely green.

Their technology has the potential to reduce ‘greenwashing’ and promote genuine sustainability in the industry, ultimately contributing to industry-wide environmental responsibility.

Scale-Up Achievements

Since Hydroverse has finished the EnergyNext 2022 Accelerator Program, they’ve showcased their dedication to growth and learning in a highly competitive environment with many notable accomplishments.

  • They successfully built a prototype at the QUT's Lab at Garden Point.
  • They have become foundation members of Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia, which has reflected their commitment to supporting and shaping the future of their industry.
  • They have demonstrated their capability in product development by completing a Proof of Concept at QUT University in January.
  • They have participated in the Smart Energy Council’s Austrade Delegation in India, as one of 25 Australian companies, which allowed them to network with industry leaders, research institutions and government departments, expanding their global reach.
  • They have signed a MOU with PDEU University and Smart Energy Council which has highlighted their commitment to collaborations and knowledge exchange.
  • Most recently, they have established a strategic alliance with India's largest solar panel manufacturer, underscoring their dedication to fostering key partnerships in the renewable energy sector.

Looking Ahead

As Hydroverse continues to scale up, the company is becoming a key player in the renewable energy certification industry. They are aiming to establish their Proof of Origin approach as the industry standard for certification, eliminating the need for traditional auditing and accountancy firms.

Their platform's unique features, real-time data collection, and transparency will position them for future success in a market that increasingly values environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Learn more about Hydroverse here.

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