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#StartupToScaleUpStories: Creating Safe Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging with Chargur

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#StartupToScaleUpStories: Creating Safe Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging with Chargur

Who is Chargur?

Chargur's story began with an astute observation by its founder, Andrew Sweatman. He noticed the hazards posed by charging cables at EV stations, particularly in public areas and knew there could be a better way to fix it.

As an industrial designer, Andrew set out to develop a range of cable charging protection products that lowered the damages of owners cables and cars. Having strong, lightweight, and flexible materials to protect cables from impact or reduce slipping was his main goal.

As Chargur moved forward, they became:

  • Portable: customers can take their cable protection anywhere.
  • Expandable: products expand to any length between 1.2 metres and 2.1 metres using interlocking connections.
  • Visible: products have high vis colours and circular head making the design hard to miss.
  • Durable: products reduce trips and protect cables with their robust slip resistant design.

Andrew was determined to make Chargur “frunk friendly” so cable covers can easily be storied at home or on the road. In fact, the bag they’re stored in, is no larger than a pizza box!

Over time, the company went through several iterations to create safe, simple, and effective solutions, yet now they have their latest design that’s currently being patented and prepared for production.

Embracing Innovation

Innovation is at the core of Chargur's mission. The company thrives on imagining products that don't yet exist to solve real-world problems. To achieve this, Chargur collaborates with leading designers and engineers in Melbourne to refine ideas and work with suppliers to ensure cost-effective production. Moreover, they ensure that their innovations are unique by protecting them with patents and design registrations.

Positively Impacting Environmental Impacts

Having a positive environmental impact is Chargur’s reason for being. They envision a future where transportation is both sustainable and safe, and they are actively developing products that facilitate the transition to such a future.

Their designs follow sustainability principles, featuring timeless, long-life designs that use durable and safe materials, which can be easily recycled. This commitment reflects Chargur's genuine concern for a cleaner, greener planet.


Charger has proven that they can create and design products that work and be protected with patents and design registrations. Their most recent milestone is the completion of the latest product design, ready for production. With this accomplishment, Chargur stands on the cusp of scaling up its operations.

The Future of Chargur

As Chargur continues its journey towards scaling up, the company's vision is clear. They aim to have their innovative products in production and distribution, offering practical solutions to the challenges of EV charging.

To achieve this, they are actively seeking small-scale funding to support the production process, including exploring options for business finance and investment. Excited to see how Chargur will make a significant impact on the EV industry.

Learn more about Chargur here.

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Kayla Dreuth

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