ClimateClever is a simple but rigorous platform that takes the complexity away from evaluating / benchmarking a company's carbon footprint.

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Vanessa Rauland

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About ClimateClever

The problem we're solving:

Traditional approaches to carbon accounting are manual, relying on consultants and excel spreadsheets, and are thus time consuming and complicated (which helps consultants to continue justifying their services). The alternative are often basic online calculators that are based on broad assumptions and averages and can't be used for genuine carbon claims. New platforms are either expensive or focused on offsets.

Another problem facing companies is measuring scope 3 emissions, which for some businesses would include thousands of suppliers. Traditionally, this would have had to be captured via excel spreadsheets, or using broad averages.

Our solution:

Our mission is to make genuine and measurable climate action affordable and accessible for everyone.

We have created a beautiful, simple - but also very rigorous - platform that takes the complexity away from carbon footprinting and allows businesses to just get started on their carbon reduction journey.

We also help larger companies to effortlessly measure their supply chain by aggregating thousands of suppliers emissions into one place.

Our differentiator:

Our platform targets multiple types of users including SMEs, schools and homes. It is also:

  • extremely accurate - we have spent millions of dollars creating a platform that takes into account all the nuances and complexities of rigorous carbon accounting
  • engaging - designed to be used by multiple staff, who can add emissions data, manage actions or presents results throughout the year
  • links staff home footprint - we are one of the only platform that has a staff home footprint calculator that we can link to business emissions
  • genuine - we are promoting genuine climate action (i.e. reducing consumption), not just offsetting
  • affordable - our platform is priced to allow even small organisations to get started
  • Data-driven - we collect loads of climate data, which we can feed back to partners such as industry associations (i.e. Architects Declare), Local Governments and larger companies to help meet broader, community climate targets and KPIs or measure scope 3, supply chain emissions
  • Automated - we have automated data collection systems in place to minimise the boring and time consuming manual data entry process
  • Comprehensive Carbon Footprint report - our platform automatically generates a dynamic, tailored carbon footprint for users to ensure they are being transparent about their carbon claim and status

Our biggest achievement:

That we have been able to successfully demonstrate that climate action CAN be done affordably! We have helped more than 200 schools, 200 businesses and 2,000 homes start to measure and reduce their footprint. AND we have saved our users more than $2 million along the way!