Zawn is leveraging generative AI to protect and restore nature, bringing ocean conservation, in the palm of your hands

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Melbourne, Australia
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Luke Mcshanag-Munn

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About Zawn

The problem we're solving:

Zawn are here to end ocean plastic pollution. They believe you will protect what you love', so they are striving to find ways for consumers to truly connect with the environment around them on a deeper level.

Our solution:

Through Zawn's pilot product: phone cases. Made from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic.

Zawn chose to start with phone cases because 90% of the world’s population have a phone. This way, we can put ocean conservation, quite literally, in the hands of the individual.

This is sure to get the conversation going.

Our differentiator:

Current environmental phone cases on the market are made from compostable materials.

These cases have a limited shelf life, and do not protect your phone. The cases are also made from products from the mass agricultural industry, which is an environmental concern within itself.

Zawn's cases offer superior phone protection, unlimited shelf life, and use a material that is taken from where it's causing harm, and repurposed into a usable and functional product that can do the job it's designed to do.

Our biggest achievement:

Zawn has formed 2 strategic partnerships:

  1. Honest Ocean Materials - by giving plastic waste a value, their plastic supplier partnership employs struggling fishing communities in cleaning beaches and waterways from plastic when they're outfished by commercial fisherman

  2. SeaTress project - they support coral, mangrove and kelp forest restoration projects, as well as sequestering more carbon than we emit, and improving marine and coastal biodiversity.