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Loop Refine

Loop Refine is bringing innovations across water & sludge applications via patented membrane & chemistry optimisation software technology.

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About Loop Refine

The problem we're solving:

Water processing and wastewater treatment have 2 common challenges across all user industries.

  1. It is a extremely energy-intensive process and is responsible for 3% of the global energy consumption. This occurs primarily during the membrane filtration process.
  2. Even after the high energy usage and expensive process being currently used 40% of the wastewater is still non-recyclable. We need a cost effective and more efficient solution to process and recycle water.

Our solution:

Our Refine Filtration solution comprises of the following two parts that can be implemented independently:

  1. Patented Refine Membranes (Graphene Oxide and Ceramic filtration membranes).
  2. Refine Dosing - an analytics software implementing our in-house developed reaction optimization formulae to reduce waste and also increase the efficiency of filtration. Once both parts of our solution are implemented, Loop Refine will be able to reduce the energy requirement by 60% and make 90% + of wastewater recyclable.

Our differentiator:

Loop Refine has unique advantages over our competition:

  1. Refine Filtration is Industry and water agnostic. Loop Refine's membranes are hydrophilic and have high antifouling properties leading to reduction in energy requirement and much lower operations cost. It is applicable across the complete pH range and can also be integrated into any design system.
  2. Loop Refine's system is easy to implement with the Plug N Play process
  3. Refine Dosing adapts to changes with predictive analysis and suggests changes beforehand.

Our biggest achievement:

  1. Loop Refine has completed a successful on-site pilot with the Public Utility Board, Singapore.
  2. Loop Refine's software Refine Dosing has been highlighted and published in the September 2023 edition of Water and Wastewater Asia Magazine.