LinkedCar empower drivers to manage and monetise their own car data, by bringing vehicle data together in one centralized environment

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Hasselt, Belgium
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About LinkedCar

The problem we're solving:

Today a car is a data-driven machine, and the consumer is not the owner of the data his vehicle produces! Data about a car is not limited to real-time data, but it also contains information about your insurance, your last maintenance, etc.

Our solution:

LinkedCar bring all related vehicle data together in one centralized environment based on Blockchain and Web3. In doing so, they provide added value not only to the consumer, but also to all mobility partners.

Our differentiator:

LinkedCar is the only solution that puts the consumer in the middle, so our solution can also be used later when vehicle sharing becomes popular. Furthermore, we build our technology on trusted blockchain technology.

Our biggest achievement:

They won numerous awards. Last year they were 1 of the 3 best startups in Belgium, they won the Salesforce Partner Innovation award worldwide and this year they won the global automation award for all the integrations they've created.