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ZeroTag, Creating Trust in Fresh Food without Packaging Waste

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ZeroTag, Creating Trust in Fresh Food without Packaging Waste

In today's world, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the food they eat and its impact on the environment. But here’s the irony: the more we demand for sustainable food, the more packaging is needed to convey information.

So, what if we could revolutionise the way we present this information?

This is precisely the challenge that ZeroTag, a groundbreaking startup, has set out to address.

How ZeroTag Works

ZeroTag Founders, Joseph Oliver Yap and Shimroth John Thomas aim to solve this problem by detaching branding from packaging using digitally rewritable stickers they call ZeroTags.

These playful sticker tags enable reusable containers to store digital labels, including product labels encountered while shopping in-store. Because they are dishwasher-safe, the same container can have different labels as it is used for different scenarios.

A pantry is app allows users to manage and update labels, and collaborate with their household. Unlike single-use solutions, ZeroTag harnesses the full potential of smartphone technology, incorporating animations, sounds, and accessibility features.

This means you can learn more about brands without contributing to packaging waste, and even keep track of your pantry to avoid unnecessary purchases.

ZeroTag’s Unique Edge

ZeroTag allows communities to come together to serve consumers. Unlike other large infrastructure solutions, ZeroTag is designed to work across different small and medium retailers and brands, which is how most consumers shop when they shop locally.

This innovative startup empowers consumers, SMEs, and the circular economy to harness the benefits of data and technology.

The EnergyNext Accelerator Impact

Through the EnergyNext 2023 Accelerator Program, Joseph Oliver Yap and Shimroth John Thomas, have redefined how their startup communicates about food, whether in-store or at home.

As a systems solution geared towards scaling sustainable impact, communicating and planning the business to work with available resources and achieve long-term success was a huge challenge for the founders.

EnergyNext has played an invaluable role in helping them refine their business fundamentals and connect with experts who helped them navigate through complex decision-making.

ZeroTag is paving the way for a more transparent and less wasteful future for the food industry. ZeroTag’s mission is clear: to bridge the gap between food and sustainability and revolutionise the way we communicate about the food we eat—one ZeroTag sticker at a time.

Learn more about ZeroTag here.

Become a startup mentor here.

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Kayla Dreuth

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