ZeroTag are e-labels for sustainable retail allowing businesses to communicate trust through packaging without waste

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Melbourne, Australia
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Shimroth John Thomas`

COO / Co-Founder

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Felix Toohey

Chief Communication Officer

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    Joseph Oliver Yap

    CEO / Co-Founder

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    Ian Wong


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    About ZeroTag

    The problem we're solving:

    People want to live more sustainably, but businesses communicate trust through packaging. Yet without branding, it harder to choose more sustainable food. Sustainability needs to be fun and convenient in order to scale.

    Our solution:

    ZeroTag aims to solve this problem by detaching branding from packaging using digitally rewritable stickers we call ZeroTags. These playful sticker tags enable reusable containers to store digital labels, including product labels encountered while shopping in-store. Because they are dishwasher-safe, the same container can have different labels as it is used for different scenarios. A pantry is app allows users to manage and update labels, and collaborate with their household.

    Our differentiator:

    ZeroTag allows communities to come together to serve consumers. Unlike other large infrastructure solutions, ZeroTag is designed to work across different small and medium retailers and brands, which is how most consumers shop when they shop locally. This innovative startup empowers consumers, SMEs, and the circular economy to harness the benefits of data and technology.

    Our biggest achievement:

    We ran a successful pilot with Sustainability Victoria and partner retailers, with 3,000 people scanning at retail with minimal marketing and retailers wondering when the retailer app will be available. Through this pilot, we learned the complexities of sustainable retail, and how to structure our roadmap.