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#StartupToScaleUpStories: Simplifying Electrification Processes with BOOM

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#StartupToScaleUpStories: Simplifying Electrification Processes with BOOM

From its roots as a support system for home lenders electrification, BOOM has evolved into a game-changer in Australia's climate tech scene. It’s the only aussie climate tech business that can deliver a customer's electrification needs all in one platform.

With their streamlined platform, BOOM’s purpose-built software simplifies electrification processes by providing effortless access to reliable suppliers, tracking financial impacts, and empowering industries to tackle emissions effectively.

The Journey of BOOM

Led by Alex Houlston, BOOM started out by supporting the social housing sector and home lenders. As they scaled their business, they realised how many customers benefited from their software and they were able to gain over $10 million home electrification projects in that sector.

While that was a huge accomplishment, BOOM has pivoted a bit and now targets home lending, corporate, and government sectors, offering tools for seamless home electrification services.

Their software is a one-stop-shop for the electrification of buildings turning assumptions and goals into reality. They enable customers to evaluate options, engage suppliers, and track and report their decarbonisation journey, from end-to-end.

BOOM’s Innovation Drive

In an increasingly dynamic energy market, BOOM is constantly adapting. Adaptability and innovation are at the heart of BOOM's approach. Its software solutions are dynamic, evolving alongside the energy market's shift to sustainability.

They've made complex energy knowledge accessible through user-friendly software, eliminating barriers for households. BOOM’s focus isn't just on technology; it's on understanding and empathising with the people they aim to assist, creating solutions that truly simplify their lives.

Social and Environmental Impact

BOOM aims for a greener, more sustainable future by assisting businesses in achieving zero emissions through building electrification.

Their impact extends beyond business. It's in the smiles of communities benefiting from sustainable initiatives and in the environment healing bit by bit. These milestones, both big and small, remind BOOM of the purpose behind what they do.

Milestones and Growth

BOOM's growth is evident as they have been spearheading projects exceeding $100 million and have underlined investment from Boundless Earth.

One recent milestone has been BOOM’s launch of Bank Australia's ‘Electrify Your Home’ pilot, where they are helping households make the switch from gas to electric. It’s the first time BOOM has been used for mortgage customers seeking to electrify their homes.

In this pilot, BOOM is providing an end-to-end home electrification service, offering tailored recommendations, access to pre-qualified suppliers and installers, and ongoing insights on the impact of their actions – benefiting both customers and Bank Australia.

Additionally, BOOM has facilitated investment in the electrification of social housing properties, with more than $12M+ emissions impact of projects procured. They are now working with partners to rapidly scale this up over the next three years.

Future Vision

As BOOM heads into the new year, their 2024 focus is on scaling-up across the banking sector and integrating with new partners that can enhance accessibility and scalability into newer markets, democratising electrification. BOOM also aims to electrify 30 million homes by 2030.

In a world grappling with climate change, BOOM is leading the charge towards a sustainable future and making a positive change - one electrified building at a time.

Learn more about BOOM here.

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Kayla Dreuth

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