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Startupbootcamp Selection Days

Help us choose the startups for our 3 coming programs

This week at Startupbootcamp, we are selecting outstanding startups from around the world for the three accelerators that start this summer. It is going to be an exciting week where many startups will pitch every day and you will be able to ask questions.

And we need you! Please ask the startups all the questions you have. You can also indicate whether you think a startup should be invited to the accelerator or not via our Matching Stars app. During the final selection in the selection committee, we will take the input from all of you into account.

Event Schedule - Starts at 7:20 am UTC

  • Monday 17th of July:

    Sustainability Selection Day

  • Tuesday 18th of July:

    Renewable Energy & Net-Zero Selection Day

  • Wednesday 19th of July:

    Mobility & Transportation Selection Day

  • Thursday 20th of July:

    Mobility & Transportation Selection Day

  • Friday 21st of July:

    Announcement of the selected startups at 11.45am CET

  • End

Our Startups

Meet the FI22 Cohort



Lisbon, Portugal

Making premium customized made to order organomineral fertilizer from biosolids of livestock or municipal water treatment stations.



New Delhi, India

Awsum are India's First Ayurveda inspired Functional Chocolate brand. Their mission is to inspire lifelong healthy habits by bringing simplicity, inspiration and delight to the world of supplements.

Clever Fruit Products

Clever Fruit Products

Halifax, Canada

Developing fermented fruit ingredients for consumer brands who make functional foods and beverages, supplements, and nutraceuticals.



London, United Kingdom

EnvoPAP makes innovative, sustainable packaging and paper that is kind to the planet using renewable sources—like sugarcane waste instead of wood.

FlyFarm Worldwide Ltd

FlyFarm Worldwide Ltd

Brisbane, Australia

Combining in house designed robotics with the bioconversion power of insects to transform the protein landscape.

FreshBox Enterprises Limited

FreshBox Enterprises Limited

Nairobi, Kenya

We design, manufacture and deploy solar-powered cold storage solutions for fresh produce farmers, aggregators and market vendors.



Sunnyvale, United States

Transforming industrial waste carbon dioxide emissions into alternative protein food and feed ingredients.



Oslo, Norway

TotalCtrl is revolutionizing the food industry by eliminating food waste and increasing food traceability.

Transport Genie Ltd.

Transport Genie Ltd.

Aurora, Canada

Transport Genie is a global leader in precision monitoring for humane and sustainable transportation of livestock and food.

Tummi Yummi

Tummi Yummi

Santa Fe, United States

Patent-protected probiotic eggs can help revolutionize good gut bacteria delivery through the cleanest protein available: the egg.


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