Transforming industrial waste carbon dioxide emissions into alternative protein food and feed ingredients.

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Sunnyvale, United States
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David Tze


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Joachim Ritter


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Kedar Patel

Senior Vice President, Biology

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Satish Lakhapatri

Vice President, Engineering

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About NovoNutrients

The problem we're solving

Climate change and conventional food production threaten to make our world increasingly unlivable. The problems grow as a swelling global middle class needs more energy, goods, and high-status protein. Those very things have expanding global warming potential and water and land use.

Our solution

Food & feed from CO2: we’ll capture megatons of carbon, add hydrogen, and make high-margin, clean proteins and products to feed the world. Our technology platform comprises novel bioreactors, natural and efficient consortia of adapted, non-GMO microbes, and a range of protein ingredients that can, optionally, be enhanced with integrated additives (made by our powerful expression model GMOs, where regulations allow). We make protein that will be lower-cost, higher-quality, and more sustainable than beef, fish, fungus, or soy. It has less than 1/30th the global warming potential of soy, and uses an even smaller fraction of land and water.

Our differentiator

NovoNutrients uses the most abundant and least expensive forms of carbon and dense energy: carbon dioxide and hydrogen in mixed, impure forms. Our bacterial protein is faster growing and more nutritious than other approaches to protein. The team is practical rather than merely academic or visionary. We can produce proteins and products in a carbon negative way. NovoNutrients’ business model is progressive: revenues will phase from partners’ technology access fees, to joint ventures, to licensing and services, to product sales from owned and operated plants.

Biggest achievement

We have assembled “the” top people across gas fermentation, biology, and chemical engineering, from Calysta, DuPont, Zymergen, Novozymes, Amyris, and more. The company has achieved continuous, productive fermentation that makes a protein that with winning quality, cost, and sustainability. NovoNutrients has regulatory approval in Japan for use in aquaculture and animal feeds, after successful salmonid trials. Our firm has established that our technologies enable a lower than standard cost of hydrogen, whether mixed or pure, gray or green. We have license and/or co-funding agreements with a quicklime manufacturing company and a global conglomerate with interests in carbon, hydrogen, food, and feed. NovoNutrients is ready to pilot and move quickly to commercial production.