Tummi Yummi

Tummi Yummi

Patent-protected probiotic eggs can help revolutionize good gut bacteria delivery through the cleanest protein available: the egg.

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Santa Fe, United States
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    About Tummi Yummi

    The problem we're solving

    Consumers are looking for ways to improve their health, fight disease, allergies, depression, insomnia or the common cold on the daily. Meanwhile affordable and diverse protein sources are uncommon.

    Our solution

    Patent-protected eggs fermented with various strains of probiotics can help keep people healthy and strong, providing an opportunity to make a daily choice to eat clean protein and build up good gut health.

    Our Differentiator

    Probiotic eggs are new to the market, are patent protected, and could make any egg product into a probiotic product, whether it be egg as an ingredient or the egg as a standalone product.

    Biggest Achievement

    - Confirmed proof of concept and verification of probiotic eggs through research at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Bioscience Division to test the efficacy of probiotic egg fermentation with both lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.
    - Created minimum viable product as a dehydrated organic egg powder product for babies, forming Tummi Yummi probiotic eggs.
    - Received grand prize at New Mexico State University's AgTech Accelerator in 2019, providing for IP investment.
    - Patented Probiotic eggs are solely owned by the inventor.