Clever Fruit Products

Clever Fruit Products

Developing fermented fruit ingredients for consumer brands who make functional foods and beverages, supplements, and nutraceuticals.

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Halifax, Canada
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About Clever Fruit Products

The problem we're solving

Clever customers have difficulty with product differentiation and their customers are not interested in and/or are displeased with high-dosage/quantities required for appropriate or intended needs state.

Our solution

Solution? Offer them effective, evidence-based, fermented health ingredients derived from the worlds leading superfruits.

Clever offers its customers new product opportunities riding the coattails of a high-growth category. High-efficacy/richer nutrients makes dosage requirements more flexible for consumer product formats.

Our differentiator

We combine our proprietary fermentation technology platform with superfruits that are proven to contain high levels of antioxidants. The process biotransforms these antioxidants; dramatically enhancing their activity and bioavailability.

Biggest achievement

Clever partners with Dalhousie University ($320k contribution from NSERC) on fermented blueberry research project (2021)
Clever debuts Fermented Blueberry Liquid at SupplySide West (2021)
Clever attends Natural Products Expo West (2022)
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