Greater Geelong Hydrogen Technology Cluster

Developing a world class hydrogen market to accelerate the transition towards a zero carbon economy of the future

Startupbootcamp's Geelong Hydrogen Cluster is pleased to announce the opening of an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Growing Our Hydrogen EconomyAustralia’s Hydrogen Clusters

On 1st Feb 2021, National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) announced a network of 13 regional Hydrogen Technology Clusters - covering all of Australia’s states and territories - as part of a drive to establish a national Australia Hydrogen Cluster network.

The national cluster network will establish a global identity and a recognised brand for Australian hydrogen technology and expertise. It will also aid the development of the hydrogen supply chain, reduce overlaps and identify gaps in the development, deployment, and commercialisation of new hydrogen-focussed technologies.

NERA CEO Miranda Taylor said the announcement was a crucial step in building the skills, capacities and commercialisation opportunities necessary to unlock Australia’s enormous potential to create a globally competitive Hydrogen Industry.

The Greater Geelong Hydrogen Technology Cluster is being lead by Startupbootcamp.

Hydrogen Technology Cluster Australia (H2TCA)

What is a Cluster?

Innovation Clusters connect multiple entities from academia, government, private organisations, investors, entrepreneurs, startups, and more around a single theme (hydrogen in this instance) located in regions with distinct advantages to help accelerate economic growth and innovation.

Innovation clusters are:

  • Engines of economic growth by connecting 100’s of members and partners

  • Magnets that attract talent, capital, researchers, and companies

  • Collaboration Networks built around the industries of the future

  • Solving industry level challenges & opportunities

  • Private-public partnerships developed by design

  • Trust-based collaboration platforms

Think, a magnet. Fully developed, an Innovation Cluster attracts. It pulls in. It naturally draws in the very best companies, startups, investors, researchers, policymakers and future shapers from all over the world to create the future in that specific field, whether that is hydrogen, drones, autonomous mobility or fintech.

Startupbootcamp Activating a Cluster

The Cluster’s goal is to bring together the Cluster Octagon around a common hydrogen vision and focus and provide a platform that:

  • Connects members of the cluster and helps them collaborate on projects and initiatives based on trust
  • Builds better innovation systems through education, training, coaching, and mentoring
  • Advances and accelerates the Hydrogen Economy in the Greater Geelong and Barwon South West Region
The Greater Geelong Hydrogen Technology Cluster Octagon

The Current Map of the Greater Geelong Cluster

Map of Victoria showing the partners at a regional, state and national level

Greater Geelong and Barwon South West Region Advantages

  • The region is a major hub for some harder to decarbonise sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and transportation

  • Geelong and Portland offer deepwater ports providing hydrogen use cases and export opportunities

  • Multiple leading education institutions to provide the skills and training for the new Hydrogen Economy

  • A highly skilled workforce with skills in adjacent industries to hydrogen

  • A region with an extensive gas mains network and natural gas usage

  • The region has access to multiple water sources, including water recycling

  • The region is a Renewable Energy Zone as well as a grid scale storage location

Cluster’s Strategic Positioning

Through innovation, technology and a hyper focus on the needs of the hydrogen customer, the Cluster will create a market for hydrogen demand and an engine to drive job creation and economic growth with an initial target of creating 100 startups and 1000 jobs.

The Greater Geelong Hydrogen Technology Cluster powered by Startupbootcamp is positioned on the Hydrogen demand side use cases with a focus on hard to decarbonise sectors - such as manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and energy - and with a strong commercial and innovation lens.

Cluster’s Strategic Blocks

The building blocks of the Cluster positioning is categorised by those the Cluster will actively drive (projects, education & upskilling, and international linkages) and those it will actively support (safety, social licence).

Through feedback from the Cluster supporters and subsequent interviews and continued mapping and research of the region and the hydrogen sector as a whole, we have identified a number of tactical and practical layers under each strategic pillar to explore that take into account:

  • The Greater Geelong & Barwon South West Region’s competitive advantages
  • The ability to collaborate with the other clusters in Victoria and nationally to create synergies and growth opportunities for the region
  • Locally significant challenges that have a global commercial reach opening up possibilities of attracting talent and investment into the region as well as export opportunities to other regions and markets


    Identify collaboration and project opportunities with a strong leaning towards the use cases of hydrogen. Help accelerate the commercialisation pathways for hydrogen and create economic value in the region.

    Education & Upskilling

    Drive technical, business, and innovation skills development through education, coaching, training, and mentoring to provide pathways for the creation of new jobs and new businesses in hydrogen.

    International Linkages

    Connect with international Hydrogen Centres, startups, and scaleups to expand collaboration opportunities including identifying and attracting new and emerging technologies, business models, and expertise in to the Greater Geelong Region to help grow the local Hydrogen Economy.


    Support and provide insights to the combined effort, being led by government, in developing the regulations, standards, and codes for the emerging Hydrogen Sector.

    Social Licence

    Support and work with the local community, government, and institutions like Hycel and AHC to build a trusted and positive relationship with consumers and with communities who will be part of the Hydrogen Economy.

Interested in learning more or being part of the cluster?

If you are an organisation, academic, researcher, startup, entrepreneur, or just have an interest in hydrogen then we'd love for you to be part of the Cluster Community. We'll keep you up to date with all the latest on the Greater Geelong Hydrogen Technology Cluster.

Explore the Global Hydrogen Network Database

The Greater Geelong Hydrogen Technology Cluster has created a map of the global hydrogen network allowing you to search and learn about hydrogen organisations and startups.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive global database empowering you to keep up to date on the latest technology, insights, and innovation in the global hydrogen landscape. Currently in beta form but please take a look!

To advance the development of a world class hydrogen market in the Greater Geelong Region and to accelerate the transition towards a zero carbon economy of the future, the Geelong Hydrogen Cluster is pleased to announce the opening of an Expression of Interest (EOI) to collaboratively explore Hydrogen projects in the Greater Geelong and Barwon South West Region.

The Geelong Hydrogen Cluster has designed an innovative business model to fund concept studies, called the Cooperative Commercialisation Centre (CCC) that will work with partners to identify, validate, and progress demand side hydrogen opportunities in the region.

EOIs to be part of the CCC are open to industry, government, academia, investors, and other parties in the hydrogen value chain.

For more information on the EOI please contact:
Abs Bulbuliya, Energy Program Director

Startupbootcamp Cluster Team