SportVot is a multi-sport OTT platform for community sports leagues and emerging talent. SportVot provides cloud-based cost-effective live coverage and data solutions to sports bodies and tournament organisers.

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Mumbai, India
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Management Team

Sidhhant Agarwal avatar

Sidhhant Agarwal

Founder and CEO

Yash Bhagwatkar avatar

Yash Bhagwatkar

Co-Founder and COO

Shubhangi Gupta avatar

Shubhangi Gupta

Co-Founder and CMO

Manoj Padmanabhan avatar

Manoj Padmanabhan

Chief Revenue Officer

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Luis Gomes


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About SportVot

The problem we're solving

Over 99% of the sports games in the world are not live-streamed or telecast across any platform.

Below the professional leagues, a sports fan's dream of watching their childhood club or league play is still a pipe dream. Sport streaming is expensive and difficult for sports bodies and tournament organisers. Thousands of dollars are spent in buying expensive hardware, software subscriptions, hiring external service providers and making special arrangements for OB vans.

Our solution

SportVot is a multisport OTT platform where you can watch grassroots and community sports matches, highlights and catch emerging athletes in action. We provide a cost-effective and convenient way for sports bodies and tournament organisers to broadcast their games, connect with their local community and earn money from viewership and advertisements. The SportVot cloud suite helps to provide an ESPN or Kayo-type experience with premium TV grade graphics and interactive live streaming. All this is done, with the only piece of hardware we all possess i.e the smartphone.

Our differentiator

The biggest advantage of SportVot is speed and convenience. SportVot’s cloud suite is hardware agnostic, one can connect either a smartphone or any type of internet-enabled camera, camcorders and start producing TV-quality live streams. The real problem in sports streaming is the access to coverage and the ease of setting up the streaming infrastructure quickly and without any significant upfront investment. We focus on minimising the cost of setting up, providing the end to end service and simplifying the video capture first which is the biggest reason behind 99% of the games not being telecast.

Biggest Achievement

SportVot has successfully covered 8,000+ games across 4 countries (including 108 games in a single day!), discovered 40,000 athletes and generated over 10 million in viewership. We have done all of this without being physically present at these locations.

But, the biggest achievement for us is how we are able to bring the community closer by putting smiles on people’s faces when they watch their mates, loved ones or local clubs play sports on TV!