Famecast is an all-in-one platform to help influencers make money, better connect with their audiences, and create better content.

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Los Angeles, USA
USD $1M-$5M
Round now open!
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About Famecast

The problem we're solving

Creators spend 70-80% of their time on tech and only 20-30% of their time creating and monetizing because they currently must kluge together up to 15-20 single point feature products to piece together a complete solution.

Our solution

Famecast is an all-in-one platform for Creators that eliminates friction by streamlining workflow, combining many tools into one that provides Creators with their own web portal and apps complete with their own fan community, memberships, live streaming, ticketing, e-commerce, NFT collectibles and more.

Our differentiator

All-in-one toolset and workflow gives Creators a swiss-army set of tools versus having to use numerous disparate tools, each with their own learning curve, workflow and costs. With Famecast, the whole is worth more than the parts and we offer all this to Creators in a unique business model as it is free to use. We only make money if our Creators make money by revenue sharing on the backend.

Biggest Achievement

Famecast has just launched and has already signed of thousands of Creators. Famecast also offers a B2B white label solution whereby organizations such as agencies, talent management companies, sports leagues and associations can offer Famecast to their Creators and has signed up many groups bringing the power of Famecast to even more Creators.