Kaira Technologies

Kaira Technologies

Kaira technology enables companies to offer their employees automated financial well-being, providing personalized advice and recommendations based on their goals and psychometric profiles, in complete confidentiality.

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Montreal, Canada

Management Team

Eric Mac Nicoll  avatar

Eric Mac Nicoll

Co-founder, Co-CEO & COO

Francois Boulet avatar

Francois Boulet

Co-founder & Co-CEO

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About Kaira Technologies

The problem we're solving

Money is a daily source of stress and anxiety for people. Recent studies show that a large majority of workers do worry about their financial situation while working, thus resulting in a very high-cost reality for businesses.

Our solution

Kaira Technologies’ mobile application—supported by AI—is an innovative and relevant approach which considers a person’s overall financial situation.

Our technological platform helps companies to stand out, by allowing them to identify employees needs and address them by providing tailored solutions.

Kaira enables businesses to offer employees automated management of their financial well-being, providing personalized coaching and recommendation.

Our differentiator

While offering a 360 degrees perspective of the employees’ finance, our AI application, provides personalized coaching promoting empowerment. This enables workers to take their finances in hand therefore decreasing their financial stress.

The assessment methods used to create a clear picture of each person’s needs originate from the mix of the psychological profile identifying their relationship to money, their financial situation and daily financial behavior.

Providing our financial well-being tool as a fringe benefit will contribute to productivity growth of businesses.

Biggest Achievement

Considering the scope of our solution, our greatest achievement to date is the extraordinary team we have managed to build. The passion, commitment, and level of expertise that our employees, consultants, suppliers, and partners bring to the company stands as our trademark. The integrity of each team member in fulfilling our engagement gives Kaira the power to accomplish its mission.