Welcome to the Sustainable Fintech Demo Day 2021

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Fintech Australia

Welcome to Fintech Demo Day 2021

‘Sustainable Fintech’

Australia is home to some of the world’s Fintechs biggest unicorns such as Airwallex, Judo Bank and AfterPay, with the latter boasting a $29 billion all stock buyout. Down under, not only is investment within this sector growing exponentially but the appetite for sustainable fintech is on the rise, as the demand for powerful new technologies to revamp business models so that organisations and consumers act and live more sustainably for the next generation.

Startupbootcamp is proud to present 9 startups from our Sustainable Fintech 2021 cohort. Join us and our partners including Bupa, Australian Super, Capgemini, EY, DiUS and AWSas we showcase these amazing companies.

This unique event will be held online, and attended digitally by VIPs from across government, investment, business, the financial industry, the press, as well as the Australian and international startup communities.

Event Schedule - Starts at 5:00 am UTC

  • Special Announcement

    Trevor Townsend

    CEO, Startupbootcamp Australia

  • Keynote Speaker

    Tyrone Ko

    Head of Customer Experience, AustralianSuper

  • Showcase Part 1

    Startup Pitches

    Bereev, GreenGrowth, SettleMate, Kaira Technologies, Epic Impact

  • Keynote Speaker

    John Rizzo

    Director of Accelerated Growth, Bupa

  • Showcase Part 2

    Startup Pitches

    Nava Ventures, Habidatum, CertifiedBy, iPYGG

  • Live Q&A

    All startups

    • Stage A: Sustainability in Finance
    • Stage B: Future of Finance
    • Stage C: Underrepresented Markets

Our Startups

Meet the FT21 Cohort



Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Changing the way the world deals with death.

Certified By

Certified By

Melbourne, Australia

AI enabled SaaS GRC platform for Startups, Scaleups & Procurement.

Epic Impact

Epic Impact

London, United Kingdom

Epic Impact rewards sustainable shopping by connecting customers with a list of ethical brands and offering customers the opportunity to claim rewards in exchange for shopping at these brands.



London, United Kingdom

GreenGrowth is bringing personalisation to sustainable investing. Their solution is a mobile app that automatically gives each user a personalised investment portfolio based on the impacts of their lifestyle.



New York, USA

Habidatum delivers data feeds serving as risk benchmarks for location-oriented strategies and real estate decision-making.



Hong Kong, Hong Kong

ONEFi's AI provides financial advice and solutions to Gen Z & Millennials based on unique financial circumstances and goals via Open Banking.

Kaira Technologies

Kaira Technologies

Montreal, Canada

Your partner for Financial Empowerment.

Nava Ventures

Nava Ventures

Vancouver, Canada

Seamlessly offset emissions through our socially responsible banking products.



Suva, Fiji

SettleMate offers a money management platform that accelerates today's banking experience and enable users to spend, save, accept and invest money.


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