Urban Tiller

Urban Tiller

Redefining nutrition through sustainable leaf-based ingredients

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Singapore, Singapore
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Management Team

Arjun Ayyagari avatar

Arjun Ayyagari

Co-founder and CEO

Vaibhaw Dwivedi avatar

Vaibhaw Dwivedi

Co-founder and COO

Shiva Susarla avatar

Shiva Susarla


Malay Ranjan Mishra avatar

Malay Ranjan Mishra

Research Scientist - Protein Extraction

Shreyas Srinivasa avatar

Shreyas Srinivasa

CTO - Platform Development

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About Urban Tiller

The Problem

Current plant-derived protein ingredients have three problems:
1) Flavor: They introduce off-notes in the food formulations that then need extensive masking
2) Nutrition: Their protein digestibility is lower than meat and they could cause allergies
3) Environmentally Unsustainable: While ingredients like soy are less environmentally intensive than meat, they still have a significant land-use and environmental footprint

The Solution

Urban Tiller aims to use the surplus leaf biomass from Agri sector to extract RuBisCo protein. RuBisCo is the world’s most abundant high-quality protein.When extracted and isolated optimally, Rubisco protein is colorless and odorless, has a perfect PDCAAS score of 1 and also exhibits foaming and gelling properties. It has all essential amino acids. This makes Rubisco a fantastic inclusion for emerging plant-based meat analogue & plant based beverage industry

The Differentiator

Our edge over competitors
1) A platform that can adapt to any type of leaf and extract Protein
2) Ongoing R&D to build library of information of protein & other leaf derivatives from multiple variety of leaves that suit end applications
3) Uniquely positioned with access to Agri network & low cost manufacturing set up in India for cost competitiveness
4) Inhouse experience in building startup & network effects via Renergii Pte Ltd
5) Collective work experience of over 40 yr in varied fields