Nanobubble Agritech

Nanobubble Agritech

Build systems that add super high amounts of oxygen to outdoor irrigation water, for improved growth rate, yield and water use efficiency

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New Plymouth, New Zealand
Not Fundraising

Management Team

Leon Power avatar

Leon Power

Co-Founder & CEO

Lauren Oehme avatar

Lauren Oehme

Co-Founder & Corporate Manager

Daneel Ovtcharenko avatar

Daneel Ovtcharenko

Design Engineer

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About Nanobubble Agritech

The Problem

Over allocated water resources meaning water rights being cut back for growers, as well as reduction of chemical based grower tools (fertiliser/herbicides/pesticides) decreasing farm production and profitability

The Solution

Our chemical free systems significantly increase both water use efficiency and plant growth rate / yield

The Differentiator

We are the only company in the world that have developed an inline nanobubble system that can be easily retrofittable to existing farm irrigation infrastructure, whilst providing performance at a price point that provides an attractive ROI for farmers to uptake to the technology.

Furthermore, the first company in the world to start incorporating nanobubble systems for large scale, outdoor irrigation as in inline system.