Transport Genie Ltd.

Transport Genie Ltd.

Transport Genie is a global leader in precision monitoring for humane and sustainable transportation of livestock and food.

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Aurora, Canada
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Joel Sotomayor

Founder & CTO

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Klaire Libre

Social Media Marketing Manager

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About Transport Genie Ltd.

The problem we're solving

Animal welfare is a major problem as consumers are now concerned about livestock mistreatment. Fees are levied and brands strengths are degraded causing companies economic impacts. There are also major risks of biosecurity outbreaks and reducing these risks are paramount for supply chain resilience and making food available for local and foreign markets.

Our solution

We've created real-time IoT sensors that can enable smart decisions and reduce the risk of animal welfare. We've also implemented a CANBus protocol in order to talk to misting devices and fans to turn them "on" or "off" automatically and have all of this data recorded for traceability and provenance. Furthermore, we have created IoT sensors that can help companies enforce their biosecurity protocols using Ultra High Frequency RFID tags and antennae readers. This solution can also be used within barns because it is not a mobile app and since it doesn't have GPS, employees won't feel like they are being tracked. In addition, using this technology we can easily find "trace-back" events and help reduce the risk of disease spread and offer more resilience to farm operations.

Our differentiator

We've created our own sensors from the ground up with a strong focus to resilience, security, and durability. The CANBus integration is also an important differentiator as we can offer solutions that are contactless and help digitize transportation events. In addition, our Ultra High Frequency RFID solution helps companies enforce their biosecurity protocols using RFID readers, tags, and our telematics unit to send data securely to our cloud servers.

Biggest achievement

We won a Provincial Award (Ontario, Canada) for our technology in 20120 ( We also have customers worldwide and would like to expand to Mexico, Australia, and Asia-Pacific countries. We are also currently doing a trial of our sensors with Inghams.