FlyFarm Worldwide Ltd

FlyFarm Worldwide Ltd

Combining in house designed robotics with the bioconversion power of insects to transform the protein landscape.

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Brisbane, Australia
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Management Team

Constant Tedder avatar

Constant Tedder

Founder & CEO

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Anthony Pursey

Non Executive Director

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About FlyFarm Worldwide Ltd

The problem we're solving

Wasted waste - organic waste that is rich in nutrients is currently being disposed of in ways that generate huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and little value.

Our solution

By feeding waste to Black solider Fly Larvae in highly automated vertical farms - sustainable, cost competitive protein can be produced and downstream emissions from waste abated.

Our differentiator

FlyFarm has developed it's own robotics and software to form a scaleable automated insect farming system, that has a high capex to output ratio and low operating costs.

Biggest achievement

FlyFarm Technology was recognised by winning - the Hong Kong ICT Start Up Award 2021.