Teraloop Oy

Teraloop Oy

Teraloop has developed a flywheel storage system that is scalable, efficient and sustainable.

Company Details

Espoo, Southern Finland

Management Team

Ted Ridgway Watt avatar

Ted Ridgway Watt

Chief Development Officer

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Antonio Capristo


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Philippe Pépin

Founder and COO

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About Teraloop Oy

The problem we're solving

While the energy transition will see increased integration of renewable energy generation and is urgently needed, it presents the world with the challenges of ensuring grid stability, the reliability of energy supply in weak grids and microgrids and the delivery of high power to replace fossil fuels, for example in EV fast charging.

Our solution

Teraloop focuses on identifying and solving actual energy infrastructure and electric mobility related problems through the provision of high technology and value-adding services which help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Teraloop’s proprietary kinetic energy storage technology and sustainable energy and energy storage as a service projects protect industrial processes and electrical plants, enabling higher profits through increased power/energy sales as well as savings on diesel and batteries.

Our differentiator

Teraloop’s flywheel energy storage design is more scalable, more sustainable, and more effective than existing alternatives. With a very small flywheel footprint of just 1m2/MW, Teraloop is the ideal solution for industrial applications such as EV fast charging and virtual power plants. The development of our microgrid optimization projects and service business in the developing markets of South-East Asia currently provide Teraloop with a blue ocean market.

Biggest achievement

We are working with Siemens on our first commercial pilot project, at a virtual power plant in Finland.