Welcome to the

Decarbonize Demo Day

Wed, 08 December 2021, 5:00 am UTC

10 innovative companies from across the globe are pitching powerful new innovations, technologies and business models to solve the world’s biggest energy challenges and opportunities. United in the passion to accelerate to net-ZERO. Join us!

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Welcome to the Decarbonize Demo Day 2021

輪 (United) by Net-ZERO

Startupbootcamp is extremely excited to have partnered with Mitsubishi Corporation and NYK Line to solve the world’s biggest energy challenges and opportunities. As a partnership we are united by our passion and vision for the future, a future that collectively we describe as Decarbonize.

On December 8th, we are proud to present 10 startups from our Decarbonize 2021 cohort who have reimagined how to accelerate the clean energy transition. Each startup brings a unique value proposition, biogenics from oceans that produce biofuel and a delicacy, a platform that drives impact and grows the planet, to a technology that turns landfill waste into energy, tokening plastic and creating an economy and technologies producing hydrogen, just to name a few.

This unique event will be held online, and attended digitally by VIPs from across government, investment, business, corporates, the press, as well as the Japanese, Australian and international startup communities.

Event Schedule - Starts at 5:00 am UTC

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    The full schedule and list of special guest speakers will be announced closer to Demo Day.

Our Startups

Meet the DC21 Cohort



Knoxville, United States

Electro-Active Technologies converts food waste and renewable electricity into affordable, renewable hydrogen enabling companies and communities to reinvest their waste for added value and improved sustainability.



IJmuiden, Netherlands

Urchinomics is a restorative aquaculture venture that restores kelp forests through the removal and ranching of destructive sea urchins from the barrens.



London, United Kingdom

Nozama’s digital ecosystem enables companies to drive a controlled CO2 and SUP reduction strategy and position themselves as active sustainability-driven stakeholder.

Clean Hydrogen Technologies

Clean Hydrogen Technologies

Sydney, Australia

At Clean Hydrogen Technologies we produce and sell Turquoise Hydrogen by processing methane using our own unique catalyst.



Singapore, Singapore

Handprint creates software solutions that help companies revamp their products and services by weaving credible sustainability actions into every business transaction.

Primary Ocean

Primary Ocean

San Pedro, United States

Primary Ocean develops macro-algae (seaweed) cultivation and processing systems to help save our oceans, soils, and atmosphere.



San Francisco, United States

Aerial automatically tracks your emissions, gives you an effortless way to offset them, and offers exclusive insights into how you can live sustainably.



Singapore, Singapore

SungreenH2 uses nanotechnology and advanced materials to create the world's highest performance electrolysers for green hydrogen production at a low cost.

Carbon Asset Solutions

Carbon Asset Solutions

Brisbane, Australia

Carbon Asset Solutions provides a precision Carbon Credit measurement, recording and verification pathway that supplies premium Carbon Credits faster, more cost effectively and more reliably than any other method.



Espoo, Finland

Teraloop has developed a flywheel storage system that is scalable, efficient and sustainable.


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