Primary Ocean

Primary Ocean

Primary Ocean develops macro-algae (seaweed) cultivation and processing systems to help save our oceans, soils, and atmosphere.

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San Pedro, United States
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Management Team

Scotty Schmidt avatar

Scotty Schmidt

Co-founder & CEO

Brian Schmidt avatar

Brian Schmidt

Co-founder & Chief Visionary Officer

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Brandon Barney

Co-founder and Director of Research & Communications

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About Primary Ocean

The problem we're solving

Soil, Earth’s second-largest carbon sink, which holds 3 times more carbon than the atmosphere, has lost more than 50% of its carbon stores due to climate change related desertification and salination, and human-caused deforestation and agrichemical erosion. The effects include nutrient loss, polluted lands and water systems, and the degradation of nearly a quarter of our planet’s most important, non-renewable geo-resource, fertile soil, at a time when we are challenged to increase food production by 70% to meet the population demands of 2050.

Our solution

Primary Ocean is providing regenerative solutions from seaweed. Primary Ocean will own the entire seaweed value chain from sea to shelf with its portfolio of technologies ranging from offshore cultivation to biorefining. Primary will initially market and sell Organikelp, the first of its kind, Giant Kelp based biostimulant.

Our differentiator

  • $5M U.S. Department of Energy-funded kelp cultivation technologies in development as technology-to-market subcontractor to the MacroSystems project.
  • Exclusive USA Distribution Agreement with giant kelp processor in Baja Mexico
  • Geographic advantage in the worlds’ most valuable agriculture market, California
  • Species-specific global scalability and modular cultivation and processing technologies to serve 4 continents, regionally.

Biggest achievement

  • Primary Ocean Products are outperforming the industry leader in various crop health metrics.
  • Full agricultural input regulatory approval in USA
  • Approved as crop input at Driscoll's and ongoing crop trials with some of the largest farming organizations in the USA.
  • License to 100-hectare kelp cultivation concession in Baja, Mexico