Electro-Active Technologies converts food waste and renewable electricity into affordable, renewable hydrogen enabling companies and communities to reinvest their waste for added value and improved sustainability.

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Knoxville, United States

Management Team

Abhijeet Borole avatar

Abhijeet Borole

Co-Founder & President

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Alex Lewis

Co-Founder & CEO

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About Electro-Active

The problem we're solving

Both government and industry leaders alike are discovering the potential of the hydrogen economy yet there are still major challenges ahead. Such as, developing the infrastructure necessary for a hydrogen economy and achieving carbon neutral hydrogen production.

Our solution

Electro-Active's solution tackles both these issues by converting organic food waste into renewable hydrogen.

Our differentiator

Integrated waste management and hydrogen production solution. Using microbial electrolysis to use biofuel waste in order to make hydrogen for use in the process

Biggest achievement

Generated considerable interest from accelerator programs and cooperate sponsors.