Startup Profile


Melbourne, Australia

Enabling sustainable investment through DLT and tokenisation to drive inclusivity, liquidity, and efficiency in Real-World Asset (RWA) investment.

The problem we're solving

RegenX, is tackling the exclusivity and inaccessibility of alternative investments like solar plants and renewable infrastructure. Many potential investors outside of elite circles, are side-lined from lucrative opportunities due to the complexities and traditional barriers to entry. RegenX's platform democratises access to these assets, making them more liquid and accessible, and intertwining profitability with sustainability, ensuring a brighter future for all.

Our solution

Streamlined investing with RegenX: - Remove the barriers to entry to sustainable / impact investments - Swap manual burdens for a seamless digital platform, optimising efficiency and reducing costs for family offices - Eliminate the lock-up dilemma - Redefining due diligence - Democratising access - Broadening investor access - Enhancing liquidity - Bolstering risk management

Our differentiator

RegenX will be one of the first to market to use DTL to enable asset tokenisation, regulatory compliance, strategic partnerships, and a focus on sustainability, customisation, security and transparency, across diverse asset classes, offering user-friendly interfaces, global reach, and exceptional customer engagement, all bolstered by a strong brand and cost-effectiveness.

Biggest achievement

RegenX has achieved remarkable milestones, including a pivotal partnership with ASX Synfini, a testament to its commitment to revolutionise the alternative fund industry. Additionally, the creation of an advanced MVP dashboard for its SAAS platform positions RegenX at the forefront of fintech, empowering users with data-driven insights for informed investment decisions.

Team members:

Ishan Dan


Larissa Thurley


    Kosta Tzim


      Amazon Web Services
      KHQ Lawyers
      Pitcher Partners