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Invercargill, New Zealand

PaySquad makes it easy for groups to split the cost of their cart, right at the point of sale in retail, ticketing and travel verticals.

The problem we're solving

Everyone has a group chat, so why is it still so hard to buy things as a group? Whether you've bought group gig tickets, organized shared holiday accommodation, or picked up a joint gift, you're left chasing everyone for their share. It's tedious, time-consuming, and let's face it, a bit awkward.

Our solution

PaySquad is the first 'buy now, pay together' option at checkout. PaySquad handles the group payment right at the point of sale in the retail, ticketing and travel verticals. In doing so, they help merchants give more buying power to their customers, increasing cart sizes and enabling them to connect with multiple consumers in one transaction.

Our differentiator

Most other solutions focus almost solely on the group, neglect merchants and introduce other forms of friction. Splitwise and other digital ledgers are tediously manual, requiring manual input and not helping complete the payment. Venmo and other digital wallets require an app, are geo-restricted, and do not offer many transparent group payment features.

Biggest achievement

MVP Built PoC Store launched $3000+ in product sold Seven merchants on waiting list Global Partnerships 500+ in community

Team members:

Cam Richardson


Jim Dowling


Will Finlayson

Chief Architect

    Amazon Web Services
    KHQ Lawyers
    Pitcher Partners