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Melbourne, Australia

The ImpactOS reinventing investing to change the world. One curated impact portfolio at a time.

The problem we're solving

We help young people that don't know how or where to invest their money, to do so with an impact. After speaking to over 500 young people aged 18-30 years old who were socially aware and earning an income. 82% said they wanted to learn more about how and where to invest their money because they didn't know how or where to invest. A whopping 93% said that the impact their investment made, mattered to them. So we're giving the people what they want.

Our solution

An app with embedded investment literacy, that show's you to invest your money, tells you exactly where your money is being invested and exactly what impact it is going to have $ for $.

Our differentiator

Our mission is to redirect every single $ of capital into impact, globally. We curate custom portfolios of listed impact stocks, from every single stock market on the planet, just for you. We're starting off with listed markets because they hold over $120 trillion dollars worth of capital waiting to be redirected. Soon after we move into impact debt markets, impact in the workplace and private impact markets.

Biggest achievement

We've won the Start Up Victoria (now Start Up Network) FInTech Pitch Night both people's choice and judges vote. We've won the Basiq FinTech Pitch Night - people's choice. Inaam has gone viral on TikTok and been featured in reports alongside Brookfield Partners along with the Climate Salad Industry Report. Our founder has been featured on the 101 South Asian Australian Founders List and has done a TEDx Talk on the Inaam model.

Team members:

Arjun Agarwal

Founder and CEO

Itisha Singh


Aaron Dudley

Head of Development

Luke Bone

Partnerships, Engagement and Content

Vishnu Sathyan Kandangath

Dev Ops

Amazon Web Services
KHQ Lawyers
Pitcher Partners