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QuantPS - Quant Property Solutions

Melbourne, Australia

QuantPS has built AiREBA, the worlds 1st real estate agent Ai AVM. We help banks and their clients buy, sell and rent residential real estate better .

The problem we're solving

Residential real estate sales and rentals returns, above or below market, depends on the agent, not the property itself. There’s a massive untapped market in identifying which agent is best for the client, as a buyer, seller, tenant or landlord. The $ gap, in sales and rent prices, is life changing. +/- 4 to 6% Metro sales $ gap. +/- 6 to 8% Non-metro sales $ gap. +/- 9 to 12% Rentals per week $ gap.

Our solution

Globally, within a rising rates environment coupled with diminishing returns, banks are searching for new sustainable, recurring revenue streams while their customers are demanding innovative and customizable tools to optimize their property transactions as buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords of residential real estate. AiREBA, through its technology, will: • Lessen costs. • Increase revenue. • Accelerate sales. • Reduce risk.

Our differentiator

As emerging technology, AiREBA is a paradigm change in how real estate sales and rentals is transacted. Why? - Currently there are no in market benchmarking/indexing services. - Market by market there are only volume based representations. - Portals and platforms are still using outdated 20th century geo-spatial localisation modelling. - Accurate and transparent reporting relys upon full agent participation. - Qualitative based modeling. - Selective indexing. - Vanity metrics.

Biggest achievement

- Channel partnership with AWS (AWS Marketplace SaaS Enterprise Solutions).

Team members:

James Nicol

Founder & Co-CTO

Emmanuel Blonkowski


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