Startup Profile


Gurgaon, National Capital Region, India

Bridge2Capital (a product of Xtracap) is a digital financial solution engine for small businesses. They offer shopkeepers a handy portal to increase their business turnover in a short time, combining the everlasting value of trust with modern-day technology.

The problem we're solving

We are removing barriers of access to formal financial services and increasing the efficiency of small businesses by leveraging data and empowering them with mobile-based state-of-art simple to use technology.

Our solution

We make businesses simple. XtracapNeo : Partners with Brands to enrich their data with an objective to increase brand’s supply chain efficiency by supporting their small resellers with on demand affordable liquidity on principles of ‘reverse factoring’. Bridge2Capital :. A 100% digital onboarding, underwriting and engagement application to service small business working capital requirement. The platform offers full stack financial services like Insurance, payments, savings in partnership with financial institutions. A Digital Ledger to assist small business owners to organise their transactions with help of technology to reduce dependence on third parties.

Our differentiator

100% digital, secure and scalable Mobile based technology with easy to use UI & UX designed specifically for small business owners

Biggest Achievement

Able to attract & retain right mix of talent across Technology, Marketing and Distribution in domain of financial products Incubated by one of the leading Incubator in India CIIE.CO, India Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Team members:

Ankit Varliani

Head of Partnerships & Growth

Gopi Krishna Udandarao

Co-founder & Head Credit and Risk

Inderjit Singh Bedi

Head IT Infrastructure

    Mohammed Riaz

    Founder & CEO

    Nitin Verma

    Co-founder & CTO

    Pitcher Partners
    KHQ Lawyers
    Australian Government
    Victorian State Government
    City of Melbourne
    Adventum Legal
    Amazon Web Services