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Suva, Fiji

SettleMate offers a money management platform that accelerates today's banking experience and enable users to spend, save, accept and invest money.

The problem we're solving

SettleMate aspires to improve the economic prosperity of people, communities, and societies in the south pacific and in turn globally.

Our solution

SettleMate offers a money management platform that accelerates today's finanancial planning and wealth management experience and enable users to spend, save, accept and invest money easily. Imagine celebrity financial advisors working to help you reach your financial goals by building better financial habits and make the right investments.

Our differentiator

What sets us apart from every other player in the market is our community and the best of everything approach.

  • From a product perspective, consumers get all in one experience and get the validation, expertise and help from the advisory community. We are rewarding the good actors of money which translates into habituating and building a community what we call ‘Trusted People’. The applications which are huge.
  • From a strategy perspective, we are working with the tide, rather against it. Many of the players in the market are branding themselves as banks. This means they are taking a slice of revenue which incumbents tend to hate. Instead with our approach of bringing them together into a single platform, Not only do we act as strong a CRM but are also able to bring in more revenue streams for them.
  • From a business model perspective, we work on a software as service model however share the revenue with the different incumbents by offering a new model of what we call Wholesale as a Service.

Biggest Achievement

  • Verification of the Problem - SettleMate has interviewed and surveyed approximately 500(and growing) individuals and organizations and have identified and built a solution addressing key pain points and needs.
  • Founding Leadership and Advisors - SettleMate has a committed founding team comprised of technology and security enthusiasts passionate about bringing pacific islanders into mainstream economy by means of payment technology
  • Strategic Partnership (Industry Alliance with Leading Players) - SettleMate has onboarded key mentors, advisors, suppliers, experienced and successful entrepreneurs that believe in the company’s mission and proposition
  • Minimal Viable Product - SettleMate has built its initial conceptual design & minimal product.
  • Regulatory Approval - SettleMate has received verbal approval from the Reserve Bank of Fiji to begin integrating with sandbox and carry out public beta and in turn launch. Due diligence to start soon. Note: NZ is still pending.

Program themes:

Financial Health & Wellbeing

Team members:

Hiren Pala

    Mukesh Lodhia

    Vikas Pala

      Pitcher Partners
      KHQ Lawyers
      Australian Government
      Victorian State Government
      City of Melbourne
      Adventum Legal
      Amazon Web Services