Startup Profile


Lagos, Nigeria

Quicksalary offers instant payment solutions for motivating, attracting and retaining employees. Their solution enables workers to access their wages as of when they need them as opposed to the traditional month-end payday.

The problem we're solving

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, financial stress has become a common phenomenon. This is hurting millions of employees across Africa and their ability to perform at work. According to the PwC Employees Financial Wellness survey, 84% of employees think about their personal finances at work, while 68% reported that financial stress impacts their health. These factors are leading to productivity loss, distraction at work and absenteeism.

Our solution

Quicksalary partners with employers to deploy a zero-cost solution, called Earned Wages Access which enables employees to access their when they need it. Employees can access a percentage of their real-time earnings and instantly transfer to their bank account.

Our differentiator

Quicksalary is different from traditional payday lenders in that, employees can access their wages as many times as they like without paying enormous interest. We only charge a flat fee per withdrawal.

Biggest Achievement

We have partnered with, one of the largest online freelance service providers in Africa to give their freelancers instant access to their funds when they need it.

Team members:

Essien Ekanem

Co-founder & CEO/CTO

Oluwadunni Fanibe

Co-founder & COO

    Pitcher Partners
    KHQ Lawyers
    Australian Government
    Victorian State Government
    City of Melbourne
    Adventum Legal
    Amazon Web Services