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London, United Kingdom

GreenGrowth is bringing personalisation to sustainable investing. Their solution is a mobile app that automatically gives each user a personalised investment portfolio based on the impacts of their lifestyle.

The problem we're solving

GreenGrowth is a retail investments app that solves the problems of a huge lack of transparency and personalisation in current sustainable investment products on the market. Increasingly people want to take control of their savings and to be invested sustainably but they do not have the information nor the mechanism to do so. For example, nine in ten Australians have said they want their financial adviser to provide responsible or ethical options. GreenGrowth is the business that can meet this huge, unmet market demand by providing users with easy access to climate-positive and environmentally friendly investment products.

GreenGrowth solves the following problems in the industry:

Lack of transparency
Investment impact: Retail investors currently have no visibility as to the environmental impact their investments are having.

Company information: 93% of investors are not satisfied with the level of knowledge and transparency about where their money is invested, highlighting a lack of communication between investment providers and their customers.

Lack of personalisation
Current sustainable investment solutions offer no customisation to the user for their lifestyles, simply putting them into predefined themes with a basic adjustment for risk tolerance. For maximum engagement and ‘feel-good factor’, a user’s sustainable investment portfolio should offset their lifestyle as much as possible.

Lack of truly sustainable investment products
There is simply a lack of accessible sustainable investment products on the market. Currently, many ‘Sustainable’ or ‘ESG’ investing products are subject to greenwashing, made to seem greener than they truly are.

Our solution

GreenGrowth's mobile app lets people invest in a way that's aligned with their lifestyle and values, channelling investments into different environmental themes - clean energy, clean water, sustainable agriculture, green transport and the circular economy. Initially these themes will be existing exchange-traded funds which GreenGrowth will select on the basis of their environmental characteristics.

The app calculates an individual’s carbon footprint and lifestyle based on their answers to our bespoke questionnaire. The app then produces an investment portfolio which compensates for the negative impacts of their lifestyle along with key environmental and financial metrics such as CO2e saved relative to a general equity index, amount of savings required to offset their annual carbon footprint, the historic return of the portfolio and details of underlying companies.

Once a user has invested, they are able to monitor their portfolio’s performance and environmental impact, add and withdraw from their portfolio and manage their portfolio’s risk tolerance.

Our differentiator

For the first time, investors will be able to see a customised view of their investments' environmental impact.

In another first, investors will now be able to access a customised, climate-positive investment portfolio to offset the negative environmental impacts of their lifestyle.

GreenGrowth will offer discrete environmentally-themed funds giving a broader range of choice than available elsewhere.

The funds will be aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

The funds’ holdings will be transparent at a level seen nowhere else in the industry and an interactive summary of companies will be available on the app.

Biggest Achievement

Assembling a world-class founding team, providing all the relevant financial, technical and sustainability skills needed to make GreenGrowth a success

Program themes:

ESG/Sustainable Finance

Team members:

Chris Webb

Luke Harbord

Marc Hendriks

Pitcher Partners
KHQ Lawyers
Australian Government
Victorian State Government
City of Melbourne
Adventum Legal
Amazon Web Services