Startup Profile


Sydney, Australia

Avarni helps companies to trace their carbon footprint and come up with offset solutions quickly through their cloud and API service.

The problem we're solving

Avarni is solving the problem of tracing carbon - there is an estimated $50T of unpriced climate risk sitting in capital markets worldwide and no foundation to accurately track where emissions are coming from in supply chains.

Our solution

A platform on which companies can track & manage their and their supply chain's emissions, gain visibility on the highest risk parts of their supply chain in the future, and collaborate with other companies to calculate and share carbon data.

Our differentiator

Avarni focuses entirely on growing the network on its platform as quickly as possible, ie. the number of companies tracking and sharing their emissions data with their customers & suppliers, and the number of companies inviting their suppliers onto the platform. For this reason, joining the network and doing emissions calculations is completely free, which is unique in the carbon management software market.

Biggest Achievement

Founded 7 months ago, already have had a seed round at a fantastic valuation, and have KPMG as a customer and partner.

Team members:

Anuj Paudel

Co-founder & CTO

Misha Cajic

Co-founder & Chief of Product

Tony Yammine

Co-founder & CEO

Pitcher Partners
KHQ Lawyers
Australian Government
Victorian State Government
City of Melbourne
Adventum Legal
Amazon Web Services