Startup Profile


London, United Kingdom

2RSquared provides the first digital, no-code, fully outsourced technology platform for investment ‘strategy as a service’. They replace a broad spectrum of asset managers, financial intermediaries and fund products.

The problem we're solving

The institutional asset management industry will be shaped by a number of key trends in the years to come. Investors want to: (1) be more involved in how their money is managed, from being engaged in the design of the investment strategy up to managing the portfolio themselves, (2) use ESG and other data in the investment process and (3) reduce cost. This transition requires investors to have access to a sophisticated technology and service provision which is hard to set up and expensive to maintain. Asset managers internal platforms are often legacy and certainly not designed to be shared and used by their clients.

Our solution

2RSQUARED offers the first third party solution - “Strategy as a Service” - a digital, no-code, cloud native platform enables a single non-specialist resource (no coding or quant expertise required) at e.g. a pension fund, wealth manager, family office or endowment/foundation/charity to be involved in or independently design institutional grade investment strategies (thematic, ESG, multi-asset, etc.) which the platform converts to investable products with ease and at scale.

Our differentiator

The efficiency of the platform means the time frame from idea to investment is reduced by over 90% and customisation is economically viable for much smaller ticket sizes than currently available, thereby massively increasing the addressable market. By democratising access to our technology for a broad variety of users, we facilitate a paradigm change in the asset management market, as we make most of the product offerings in the US$ 15-20tn global market for customised investment solutions obsolete.

Biggest Achievement

In testing the market we frequently hear ‘we’ve never seen anything like this’ and ‘it’s very intuitive’; meaning we may have succeed in making something that is typically very complex requiring specialist coding and mathematical skills very simple.

Team members:

Rajesh Amin

Founder & CEO

Razvan Moisa

Founder & CTO

Ralf Nachtigall

Senior Partner

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Victorian State Government
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