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Row Nation

Row Nation is the digital home for the indoor rowing community, enabling users to interact, train and compete in a virtual world.

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Yarralumla, Australia
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About Row Nation

The problem we're solving

Indoor rowers need to be able to easily and efficiently capture and store workout data, challenge themselves with a variety of workouts, ability to access information on indoor rowing technique, and the opportunity to connect with fellow rowers to measure and improve performance, improve their rowing technique, and keep motivated and accountable to their training programs.

Our solution

Row Nation is an app providing workouts, challenges, technique, and training programs. Designed to motivate and engage, you can set, save and review your workouts to track your improvement, stay motivated, sharing achievements to your Row Nation community, fitness tracker or social media.

Our journey is set with additional feature releases of rowing in a group, leader board challenges, National Handicapping, rowing with the Australian rowers on their way to Paris. Initially Australia then Internationally.

Our differentiator

We are the commercial venturing arm of Rowing Australia which gives us an expert advantage in rowing. We have exclusive access to the Australian rowing team of athletes, IP, insights, coaches, and support staff.

Biggest Achievement

We have run over 43 National indoor rowing competitions over the past 5 years. We have over 6000 engaged indoor rowing enthusiasts as part of our community and are the go-to location for the digital rowing community in Australia.

Our greatest achievement is seeing the impact of inclusiveness, accessibility, and health benefits from indoor rowing; the diversity of our rowers and stories from people who now call rowing their sport.