Promoshare is a closed marketplace that helps sports brands discover, engage, increase loyalty and generate revenue through hyper-local fan communities.

Company Details

Chicago, USA
USD $101k-$500k
Round opening soon

Management Team

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Ernesto Pedroza


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About PromoShare

The problem we're solving

We're solving the $15B + in unsold ticket revenue year over year amongst pro-sports team & major live events.

Our solution

We're helping sports teams, event producers and venues sell more tickets by leveraging existing fans and turning them into ambassadors who in turn can promote and sell tickets to their peers in exchange for often hard to reach rewards.

Our differentiator

PromoShare's key differentiator lies in the predictive models/AI built to identify look a like fans to further build communities for our clients we represent.

Biggest Achievement

Converted over $2M in new ticket revenue for our clients. Utilized the PromoShare platform to incentivize people to get vaccinated that landed us a deal with Cook County, Illinois worth over $150K