Homefans is the Airbnb for sports experiences. Homefans connects you with hundreds of trusted sports fans from across the world, hosting unique sports experiences. All waiting to take you to the biggest sporting events or show you their local culture from the inside.

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London, United Kingdom
Not Fundraising

Management Team

Luke Verbeek avatar

Luke Verbeek

Founder and CEO

Daniel Velasquez avatar

Daniel Velasquez

COO & Co-founder

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About Homefans

The problem we're solving

Millennials & Gen Z are redefining travel and experiences. However, when travelling to attend a sporting event, they feel disconnected, out of place. They don’t know where to go, who to hang out with, or how to meet like-minded people.

These sports fans are not looking for just a ticket anymore; they seek for authentic experiences, to belong to a community of like-minded fans and to instantly share these memorable moments in the digital world.

Our solution

Homefans is a marketplace allowing fans to book unique trips and experiences hosted by locals around the world; and local fans and sporting organisations to list their authentic local experiences and earn money - all in one place.

Think of it as the “Airbnb for sports experiences”.

Our differentiator

Homefans is the first specialised marketplace in the intersection between the sports travel and experience economy verticals. In a multi billion dollar industry, no-one else is focusing on offering authentic experiences to the travelling sports fan.

On our marketplace, travellers can find unique trips and experiences designed with the local knowledge that they cannot find elsewhere, and hosted by real fans.

Biggest Achievement

We have made a total revenue of $1.6M, raised more than $900K in funding, connected 4,000 sports fans and built a global network of reputable hosts and sporting organisations on our platform.

We have now landed in Australia, where we look forward to bringing our unique sports experience formula and growing the marketplace with a focus on the sporting capitals of the World.