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Full Venue

Full Venue is an AI Platform that predicts the exact likelihood of a fan to make a purchase, such as buying a ticket or a piece of merchandise.

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Porto, Portugal
USD $10K-$100K
Round now open!
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About Full Venue

The problem we're solving

Sports and Events organizations generate a huge amount of data, but how can we use it to give a personalized experience to convert more sales?!

Our solution

Full Venue is an AI platform that can predict the exact likelihood of a fan to make purchases, like tickets to events, merchandise and other products at an accuracy of up to 95%. Full Venue allows organizations to segment their audience and target marketing spend on those most likely to convert.

Our differentiator

Simplifying the use of AI, Full Venue is not looking into trends but delivering accurate results at the fan level. A product with no risk for the customer, the Full Venue model is based on a revenue share fee from the sales generated by the delivered Smart Customer Segments

Biggest Achievement

Full Venue is proud to have partnerships with some of the World's largest sporting organisations, including SL Benfica, the Royal Belgian Football Association and Club Nacional de Football from Uruguay. The algorithm has been able to achieve 95% accuracy.