CityGuyd uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to augment real life guides or famous athletes at events and cities across the globe, improving fan engagement and providing clients with valuable data on their attendees.

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About CityGuyd

The problem we're solving

Access to local information has been an age-old problem. For decades, people have carried around books and maps, booked large group tours, or hired expensive private guides to help get around efficiently. But the future is digital - whoever didn't believe that two years ago - has to believe it today in the post Covid world. Travelers and event attendees need a new, digital way to connect.

Our solution

We believe AR/VR are the future. CityGuyd brings recent advancements in AR technology to augment real life guides or famous athletes at cities and events across the globe. We provide users with engaging, face-to-face guide experiences right through their own phone. For businesses and event organizers, we help collect valuable data on how your visitors choose to get around. Imagine arriving at the Australian Grand Prix track, pulling out your phone, and a virtual Daniel Ricardo pops up to welcome you to the race!

Our differentiator

Our team brings extensive experience working for top AR companies like Magic Leap and Facebook. Beyond the highest quality technology we understand that means little without top notch content! CityGuyd differs from competitors by using real world guides, with customized and relevant content. By combining our technology with a fully equipped studio - we can turn around personalized content in record time, making our experience more relevant and engaging to users.

Biggest Achievements

- Demonstrating our product in multiple countries across the globe (eg, Partnership with the Ministry of Tourism in Portugal)

- Voted a top 20 travel startup to watch in 2021 by Phocuswright - the most respected travel research authority in the world.

- Development of high quality AR tech