Nava Ventures

Nava Ventures

Nava Ventures is a SaaS company that offers an ecosystem of impact-focused fintech products to financial institutions. By partnering with them, credit unions and community banks will be able to attract, engage, and retain millennial members.

Company Details

Vancouver, Canada

Management Team

Aman Thind avatar

Aman Thind

Co-founder & Sales and Marketing

Chris Johnson avatar

Chris Johnson


Daman Dhillon avatar

Daman Dhillon

Head of Technology

    Gurjeet Matharu avatar

    Gurjeet Matharu

    Founder & CEO

    Milap Dhaliwal avatar

    Milap Dhaliwal

    Co-founder & Business Analyst

    Parmeet Matharu avatar

    Parmeet Matharu

    Co-founder & Head of Operations

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    About Nava Ventures

    The problem we're solving

    Smaller Financial Institutions are struggling to acquire and retain millennials.

    Our solution

    A suite of products that enable impact focused omni-channel customer interactions.

    Our differentiator

    We’re not just an ESG savings account. We measure, monitor, and report various ESG metrics to members and institutions – making your ESG impact transparent and help you attract new members.

    Biggest Achievement

    We’re launching a paid pilot with Sunshine Coast Credit Union in Q4 this year.