Merlin utilises behavioural psychology to enhance pension contributions, using an ever-growing, real-time data set based around user spending habits to better promote retailers and saving techniques.

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Cardiff/London, England

Management Team

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Gaye Soykök


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Natalie Abraham

Co-founder & Chief Community Officer

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Neil Abraham

Founder & CEO

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Tris Simpson


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    About Merlin

    The problem we're solving

    Women’s pensions on average are 1/5th of that of a man, The self-employed don’t have enough to retire on at 55 (even less chance if you’re anything but a white male). People do not have enough money to retire, that’s what we are solving.

    Merlin exists to eradicate exclusion and bring opportunity to private pensions. To give the stay-at-home parents, the self-employed and the low earners the ability to have a quality pension that they can actually contribute too. We are solving financial exclusion from pensions, enabling people to create their own financial future.

    Our solution

    We have developed a frictionless app that allows members to set their pension up simply and contribute in unique ways through automated savings cash back and collating dormant pensions we've embedded behavioural psychology into every aspect of the app to ensure that members remain engaged, actively saving and create the financial future that they want.

    Our differentiator

    We have a lot of differentiators including our community which allows members to feel part of something bigger and be active participants in their own financial future. Cashback allows our users to shop with one of our 2500 plus retailers through the app and have those retailers put cashback directly into their pension. Finally our white label model allows us to licence our game engine, AI and cashback to other financial institutions to allow them to better serve their customers, this gives us monthly income whilst building our own AUM, de-risking as we go.

    Biggest Achievement

    • Raising Pre Seed capital
    • Building our world class founding team of innovators and operators
    • Finalists at Pitch@Palace
    • Finalising commercial agreements with all our key stakeholders including Asset Managers, Administrators and Operators